CoderDojo Scotland Support

Since 2013 the CoderDojo Scotland team based has provided central support to grow and sustain the CoderDojo network across the country. This additional work was funded by various partners including Mozilla, Nominet Trust, Skills Development Scotland, Scottish Government Digital Participation team, and Scottish Power. Our most recent funding (from December 2016) was from the Digital Xtra Fund.

Under the CoderDojo Scotland brand, we’ve acted as a central hub for the network across the country. This central support provides a number of key functions that are integral to the success of the clubs.

How we’ve helped our clubs: 

  • volunteer recruitment and logistics;
  • project / activity support to the volunteers;
  • running the CoderDojo Scotland website, email accounts and social media;
  • providing our clubs with access to BBC micro:bits and other technology;
  • marketing, booking and liaising with participants.

Now that our funding has come to an end we won’t be able to support the network of clubs as we’ve done before.

How can
you help?

Support your local club

People have asked about how they can support CoderDojo Scotland. Volunteering and helping out at your local club is the best way to ensure your local club continues to run. Donations in-kind (including equipment) are also appreciated by our clubs.

Check Our Clubs page for contact details of each CoderDojo club across Scotland.


Support all our clubs

If you are in a position where you, or a company you work for, may be able to help fund the core CoderDojo Scotland network we’d love to chat with you. We want to continue to provide that central support that has made CoderDojo in Scotland so popular, and without funding we won’t be able to do this.

If you’re interested in making a donation to – or sponsoring – the CoderDojo Scotland network, please email