Mentoring at CoderDojo

CoderDojo is an opportunity to inspire the next generation of digital makers by teaching them to code in a fun and sociable environment.

At a CoderDojo young people learn to build apps, games, and websites. It makes learning to code a fun and sociable experience.

At a CoderDojo the learning is led by the young people – there is no set curriculum. We encourage our volunteer mentors to share their knowledge in areas they are passionate about.

CoderDojo is a great learning experience for our mentors as well the young people, and many enjoy networking with other mentors from the tech community.

What does it involve?

A standard Dojo day:

  • requires about 2 hours on the day itself
  • runs once a month (for most clubs)

Occasionally a Dojo might:

  • run 2 sessions in one day
  • require mentors to do a small amount of preparation beforehand (mainly reading over materials to be used at the Dojo).

You don’t have to be an expert on everything to be a mentor! Just be willing to help the young people learn how to approach solving a problem.

If there’s an area you’re particularly interested in you could ‘host’ a table at the Dojo, introducing a small group of coders to the topic.

We ask all our mentors in Scotland to register with the STEMNET STEM Ambassador programme.There is no charge for this process.


Check out our Resources page for an idea of the activities we do at a Dojo.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in coming along – get in touch!

We’re on Twitter @CoderScot and Facebook CoderDojo Scotland.

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