Viewing: Supporting Young People with Autism

Supporting Young People with Autism

On Monday 8th August in Glasgow, The National Autistic Society (NAS) hosted a talk for Coder Dojo Mentors with an aim to further understanding of the condition. The speaker was Callum McCrosson.

Callum first took us through the history of Autism and the society. We were then led through the most common difficulties faced by those with Autism. Finally we were provided tips on how best we can support neurodiversity.

Callum was warm and funny throughout and really gave us a unique opportunity to speak with someone, extremely candidly, about what it’s like to have Autism, and to try and gain a better understanding of the daily challenges a neurodiverse person may face.

Autism is a grossly misunderstood and complex condition that, thanks to Callum and NAS, we now have a greater appreciation and respect for. The more we can understand about the challenges faced, the better we can help support those with Autism.


David Anderson, CoderDojo mentor

Find out more about autism and the work that the National Autistic Society do.



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