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Welcome to TNT Towers

At Castlemilk and Bridgeton this week we’ve been learning about how to control Minecraft programmatically using Minecraft Pi, a version of Minecraft which has a Python API.  We had a lot of fun creating huge TNT structures (and then blowing them up!) and lava which followed us around.

If you want to have a go yourself, you’ll need a Raspberry Pi. We used this tutorial:
and this reference for the Python libraries:
By the end we had lots of ideas about how we could develop our programmes further such as automatically tunnelling through all blocks, controlling the movement through the Minecraft world using a different kind of controller (such as a Wii controller) and actuating objects in the real world in response to what happens in the Minecraft world (e.g. lighting up the orange and red lights on a PiGlow when you’re walking on lava or vibrating a haptic motor when there’s a TNT explosion). There’s so much you can do!

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