Viewing: Community Evening Line Up

Community Evening Line Up

It's our CoderDojo Scotland Community Evening on Tuesday evening. There are a few tickets left.

The final line-up of speakers is as follows.


Welcome Craig Steele, CoderDojo Scotland

Introducing BBC micro:bit Howard Baker. BBC

In the 1980s, the BBC Micro introduced many children to computing for the first time and the BBC micro:bit, part of the BBC’s 2015 Make it Digital initiative, will build on the legacy of that project for the digital age. It aims to inspire young people to get creative with digital and develop core skills in science, technology and engineering.

Kids Behind Bars! Greg Huczynski, CoderDojo Stirling

CoderDojo has been running in Stirling for almost 2 years. Lead mentor Greg will talk about lessons learnt along the way.

Can Creative Coding Improve Gender Balance? Claire Quigley, CoderDojo Scotland

Claire will explore the idea that girls are more likely to become involved with programming if they view it as another tool that enables them to do things they’re already interested in and confident with.

Singing in the Rain: Building a Community Dojo John Bell, CoderDojo Castlemilk

John will share his experiences of starting up Dojos in the communities of Castlemilk and Bridgeton and offering practical advice on building Dojos for young people who are often hard to reach.

import library; Martin Goodfellow, Glasgow Life

One of the most important mandates for public libraries has been to provide equal access to information and knowledge.  How can we offer this in an increasingly digital world?

Learn Faster, Share More Ben Chapman, CoderDojo Dublin

Getting kids to work on their own projects gets them learning quicker, it's even better when there's a deadline. Coolest Projects is a great way to get kids thinking up and working on their own ideas. We'll explore the reasons your Dojo should get involved and ways to make it happen!



– 18:45 – Arrival
– 19:00 – canapes and drinks served on Floor 1
– 19:30 – presentations start in Science Show Theatre
– 21:00 – end of presentations, Glasgow Science Centre remains open for networking/chatting
– 21:30 – Close

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