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Our guest blogger today is Charlotte Johnson, CoderDojo Scotland’s first young coder to attend the CoderDojo EU Dojo in the European Parliament.  Charlotte gives us the inside scoop on the experience, which included coders from Dojos across Europe.  If you’re inspired by her experiences, keep a lookout for the call for participants for next year’s event!

We received a newsletter that gave an opportunity to attend codeEU17. These opportunities do not occur often so I applied and was accepted. I received a bursary of €100 towards travel and accommodation costs. I let @CoderScot know that I was doing this and they were thrilled. I was told a short while after that I was the first Scot to attend CodeEU which was very exciting for me.
A few days before attending I got the programme:


On the day I arrived early. The CoderDojo team arrived and encouraged us to get a coffee.  Later we all met up, had a quick photo shoot outside the parliament and then we were taken through security to lunch.  After clearing security into another building we went to the conference room.

My mum and I sat down and after a few talks from the executive director of CoderDojo, @GuistinaMizzoni, EU commissioner for digital, economy and society, @GabrielMariya, CoderDojo champions from Portugal and France, as well as CoderDojo sponsors, I had two MEPs (@hudgtonmepSNP and @julie4nw) ask me questions about coding.


There was another woman who asked me questions and she really showed interest in what I was doing. She was from @libertyglobal and my mum and I had met her in the coffee shop when we’d arrived early.


Five of the 80 children who attended presented their work.  The Dojo was then called to a close and a very quick photo was taken as we were encouraged to leave quickly because there was another meeting scheduled and we had run into some of their time.
We had been given a tee shirt to wear to the Dojo and received a goody bag at the end.  When we left the conference room there was a robot dancing to “gangnam style” which was very entertaining.


— Charlotte Johnson

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