Viewing: CoderDojo Edinburgh taken by Storm!

CoderDojo Edinburgh taken by Storm!

Exciting new update from CoderDojo Edinburgh!

The coding club for ages 7-17 will now be held once a month at the Storm ID offices in Leith. This also means the club will benefit from the support of their experienced coder employees! CoderDojo Edinburgh Champion Amandine, who has been running the club since August 2016, is also a web developer at Storm.

You can read more about Storm’s involvement in the company blog.


The Dojo has a great selection of creative and fun activities planned using BBC micro:bits. Check some of them out below!

The BBC micro:bit is a nifty wee device that can be used for all sorts of cool creations, from robots to musical instruments, and is a fun way to learn to code!


A Story Come Alive: Thursday 27th April 2017 (5:30-7pm)

Tell a story like never before with the help of a BBC micro:bit. Use cardboard, conductive paint and your imagination to bring a book to life. Draw your own circuit and brighten up your story with lights, sounds and movement.

Digital Jewellery & Interactive Garments: Thursday 25th May 2017 (5:30-7pm)

Fashion with brains. Bring your jewellery and clothes to life with conductive threads, stretching sensors, lights and the help of a micro:bit. Imagine a pencil case changing colour with temperature; using your sweater’s buttons to play a ‘Simon says’ game; a sports armband that changes colour when you tense your muscles; earphones glowing in response to sound; a badge displaying a smiley in response to your voice or friend’s proximity.

Crack the code – 007 goes digital: Thursday 29th June 2017 (5:30-7pm)

Solve riddles and crack the code for tricky challenges with the help of a BBC micro:bit – every right answer will open the clue for the next code. The group breaking the code first wins a dazzling price.


You can book the next Edinburgh CoderDojo session here.


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