Viewing: The Life of a Web Developer

The Life of a Web Developer

CoderDojo Bridgeton mentor David Anderson recently visited St Matthew's Primary school in Bishopbriggs to share with the pupils what it’s like working in the technology sector.
He was interviewed by the Primary 7 pupils as part of their World of Work day and, oh boy, did they thoroughly quiz him! 
The pupils were really enthusiastic about what David does for a living (he’s a web developer) and asked lots of smart questions to find out more. 
Here’s what some of them said after they had thoroughly grilled him:
"When I spoke to Mr Anderson he was very interesting.  He told me all about CoderDojo and I learned that a lot of problem solving is involved when you develop software.  It is a very unique job and sounds fun!" (Clare, P7)
"Mr Anderson explained that teamwork is very important and so is patience! You need to be good at using technology and it is a fun job." (Layla, P7)
"I would give Mr Anderson 5 stars out of 5.  He has a great talent and shared a lot of useful information with us.  Working at CoderDojo sounds like a very exciting and interesting career!  I would love to learn more." (Lucy)
David is very proud of his ‘5 stars out of 5’ and has promised to add it to his CV and LinkedIn profile!
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