On this page you’ll find:

Hot Resources – new ideas and challenges to try out at your dojo each month or at home.

Other Resources – A list of popular websites and activities regularly used at our coding clubs.

Key Dates – Competitions, challenges and special events to watch out for this year!

Hot Resources

These 🔥Hot Resources🔥 can give you some ideas or themes to try out at your Dojo.

Suggestions for March/April:

  • Build a quiz app to test your friends’ knowledge of dogs (or cats, football, music or whatever you’re interested in) in this new tutorial from CoderDojo.
  • If you like drawing and creating designs, have a go at this tutorial.  It helps you get started with Processing, a language that lets you create art with code.
  • Learn how to code an online “guess the number” game using the language PHP.
  • Or why not try some of the March competitions and challenges listed at the bottom of the page?

Click here for previous Hot Resources.

If you have a cool idea you’d like to share as a 🔥Hot Resource🔥 let us know!


Other Resources

These are some of the resources that we often use at Dojos:

Our Digital World page has some useful tutorials.

Get started with the BBC micro:bit.

Supporting Young People with Autism – recap of our mentors’ training session with the National Autistic Society.

Key Dates

Check out the competitions, challenges and special events put young coders might be interested in!

#Digi Inventors Challenge

In association with Andy Murray and the Digital Health & Care Institute

Confirm participation: 3rd April 2017
Entry submission: 5th May 2017

Working in teams of 4-6 develop an idea that will help young people participate in the active management of their health, fitness and wellbeing, using digital technology.

Find out more here.

Maplin Maker Challenge

Musical Microbit Competition

Competition Deadline: Midnight, 22 April 2017

The challenge is simple..make music with a microbit…show Maplin your creation..and you could win a £1000 Maker bundle!

Musical Micro:bit competition flyer

Musical Micro:bit tutorial

For more info visit http://www.maplin.co.uk/microbit

Duke of York’s iDEA Badges Competition

Competition ends 31st March. *UPDATE* this is going to be extended. More to follow..

Be awarded by HRH The Duke of York, KG. Have the opportunity to be officially invited to Palace. Show off your award to everyone!

iDEA is a national project that helps you badge your brilliance. Through our series of online challenges and events, you can win career-enhancing badges, unlock new opportunities and, ultimately, gain nationally recognised awards that help you stand out from the crowd.

How to apply

iDEA (Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award) and CoderDojo have created some awesome badges to challenge and provide to the world your amazing coding skills. Check them out here along with the criteria for winning.

Ensure that your parents understand them as well, maybe you can show them how you are going to win?

BAFTA Young Games Designers

Competition Deadline: 5pm, 3 May 2017

Whether you love to code, draw or write the story, BAFTA YGD gives you an insight into the world of game making, as well the chance to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences with top game makers through our annual competition. The competition has two categories Game Making Award or Game Concept Award. If you’re chosen as a finalist, you could see your gaming idea turned into a reality, win amazing prizes and get to meet the some of the biggest stars of the industry at a glitzy awards ceremony in London! There is a detailed guide that can be used by Dojos to structure activites that will generated the evidence needed to enter each category of the competiton. By following the lesson plans the young people will create the evidence required to enter the competition.

The competition is open to ages 10 – 18 years old.

The deadline for all entries is 17:00 on Wednesday, 3 May 2017. To enter click here.

BT Young Pioneer Award

(AbilityNet Tech4Good Awards 2017)

Entries open until 5pm, 8th May.

Have you or someone you know used technology to help people? This could be a school project or something created at a CoderDojo.

The awards are looking for inspiring examples of how young people are using technology to tackle a problem that they care about. It could be an app, a website, a new gadget or any other kind of digital technology that is created by young people to help improve the lives of others or the use of technology to help better understand a problem in order to find a solution.

Open to ages 9-18.

Read more and submit a nomination here.

Coolest Projects 2017

Project Outline to be submitted in May

Event: 17th June 2017 – RDS, Dublin, Ireland

CoderDojo Coolest Projects is a coding awards show for young people involved in CoderDojo. The aim of the event is to reward the creativity of the young people. The event takes place at the RDS, Dublin on 17 June. Young people are asked to submit a project in advance.

Register your project here.

DojoCon 2017

Event: 13-15 October 2017

DojoCon is is the annual global CoderDojo conference for the community who make Dojos possible. The official annual event is a fantastic opportunity to connect with the generous people who are a the core of the movement.  At the DojoCon conference, ideas are shared both from within the movement and from industry leaders through keynote talks and through workshops to develop new ways to inspire at CoderDojo.

Find out more and register here.